Power of simplicity!

More often, we underestimate the power of simplicity. A simple dinner, a simple pattern, a simple design, a simple question and a simple answer! A simple, but deep meaning is stands out in the crowd. Not many are fan of simplicity, including me. The word scares me, but I sometimes take that bold decision to go simple, and it works like a charm, always!

Till now, my silk thread jewellery collection has all been decorated with rhinestones, pearl chain, ball chain and all glittery stuffs! Of course, no doubt, that they stand out during festivals, occasions etc. However, we do not dress grand to our office everyday nor it does not suit our daily wear clothes. So I thought, why not design a simple, yet elegant silk thread earrings for my office friends. Here are some below.

1. White silk thread Jhumka with complementary blood red bed – along with oxidized silver color peacock earring! It does stand out great with a black kurta. I have received 3 orders for this piece the day I showed it to my friends

2. Yellow color silk thread jhumka with complementary violet color bead along with oxidized/antique floral stud base earring. This piece got sold immediately I showed it to my office friend


3. Red color silk thread jhumka with glossy finish black bead and oxidized silver color peacock earring (similar to #1)  was made to order after seeing #1 piece


4. Copper sulphate blue color silk thread Jhumka with pearl bead and antique stud base would be perfect for your white kurta 🙂


That’s it for today’s post. I have been working on more orders, similar to what I created before and will be adding bangle & pendant collections soon. 🙂

Please drop in your comments and as usual I will be glad to reply. You can check my FB page to see all earrings collections.


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