DIY Adult coloring book

Hey guys, the one thing that the kids love to do, is to color. As a kid, even I loved to color πŸ™‚ I would be very strict about not crossing boundaries, drawing either only vertical or horizontal lines and not mix them up, and also be careful about using only single touch with sketch pens, or else it would blot the page etc. The satisfaction achieved after coloring, cannot be explained through words!I am sure all of us enjoyed coloring in our childhood days. As life moved on, I stopped coloring, like everyone else!

Few months back, I went to stationary shop for my craft making, and found a set of sketch pens (like 40 colors). And I got reminded of how I used to love coloring. Now that i am working with a lot of colors through my jewellery , I really wanted to start coloring, my first artsy crafty love. πŸ™‚ Please note that i am not great in drawing, just an average person, but I love love love to color

I downloaded some coloring apps, but it didn’t give the right feel of coloring. So I made a zentangle art and colored it using a sketch pen. (Image below). Excuse the shading, I am sure a kid would have done it better than this!! πŸ˜›

No automatic alt text available.

Though I love to draw, I wanted to color more, so I was looking for images online. There are many images in the internet. I chose from this site “Don’t Eat the Paste”

Especially, I loved this kitty mandala πŸ™‚ There is a small and large version of the same image which is great for printing as per your choice of size.Β  I downloaded like 12-13 images and printed them out.

I wanted a thick cover for my book. So I took a cereal box (almost close to A4 size), took off the tabs, glued a plain white printer paper on both sides and pasted a kitty mandala on the front and back of the book (cereal box large rectangle side). I punched holes and connected them using a thick thread. Your coloring book is ready ! It’s such a simple craft, but I felt happy to have chosen my favorite image and color them πŸ™‚


A small tip, if you feel the color spreads to next page, keep a plain sheet in between sheets so the color does not bleed to next sheet.

Hope you liked it, I now spend some time during the weekend, when I get any (!!) to color and it feels like therapy for me. I feel relaxed, calm and happy after spending like an hour coloring them.



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