Bahubali 2 : the conclusion

Hey guys,

I know that you guys are wondering what does this post mean in this blog? Recently, I watched Bahubali 2 and it was release worldwide, attracting many who are not Indians. (Please note, all images are taken from internet)

I am sure there are enormous posts on review of the movie and talking about its grand movie making etc. My son is a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuggggeee fan of this movie, please note that he is only 2+ years old! He was awed by the movie’s graphics and loves watching it like forever!!

However, this post is about the questions that I feel are not answered in the movie.

1. When Kattappa talks about flashback, he says that Vikarama deva (father of amarendra bahubali) died before his birth. When Amarendra bahubali is born and Sivagamy (ramya krishnan) takes over the kingdom, who was ruling Maahishmathi from Vikarama deva’s death till Amarendra bahubali’s birth? Was this decision not taken early? If Amarendra bahubali’s mother was ruling the thorn, then why did others say who would accept a women ruler when Sivagamy chose to rule?


2. Bijala deva son -> Bhallala deva, Vikrama deva son-> Amarendra bahubali? Why wasn’t the sur name used like for othersย  “deva”? This is just my question, as I feel the king’s name “deva” is being replaced by “Bahubali” in the lineage(Image taken from highlightsindia)

3. This ain’t a question, but trying to get the logic behind the following. During those days or even now, if you are a woman ruler, you have to be strong & smart to stay in the throne. There is no doubt that Sivagamy was strong & brave, however , for her role, she must have kept some spies to know whats happening in the background. Like, when Kattappa says he could smell (sniff) that Bijala deva wanted to kill his own wife? Shouldn’t Sivagamy get such info from him? how could she have blindly trusted her husband’s and son’s words to kill Amarendra Bahubali, she must have taken a decision, only after getting the facts!

4. This question is for movie 1 though, when Shivu/Mahendra Bahubali tries to jump and use bow & arrow to reach the top most place, how did he know there was a tree up there? Was it just luck? he could not have seen it from below as there is no proper step/place to see!

5. This one is again for movie 1, when they show the map, they show “Maahishmathi/Magizhmathi” and then Kundala desa(m) towards south and then the falls. There are very less chances for Kundala desa(m) to be north of Maahishmathi. However, during ceremony of announcing the king (Bhalla deva), it is being said that Maahishmathi is being covered by Kundala desa rivers from north!

Map of Maahishmathikuntala desa map

Maahishmathi kingdom is huge, the architecture does blow your mind, however, I love Kuntala desa – It’s situated in a beautiful place, surrounded by trees, river, white palace, lovely placement of flowers, lush green fields, young people, open mindedness etc which is my favorite. This would be my perfect type of kingdom where I live and enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

Nevertheless, the movie is awesome, the graphics is incredible and one can never hate the movie! Hats off to the director and the crew for giving such an extravagant movie! Please do watch the movie! Though the movie release on april 28th, I feel the movie fever is still going on ๐Ÿ™‚ This post completes with me saying that I fell in love with “Amarendra Bahubali” character! The director has clearly created this character after understanding a women very well, I am sure he must have thought a lot!! Now who ever says that no one can understand women, meet “S.S. Rajamouli”ย  the director of this movie ๐Ÿ™‚

Until next post, bye ๐Ÿ™‚


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