Silk thread Jhumka earrings


Hey guys,

After what’s been like an year, I started making earrings again! Sharing them below

1. Dangling Chandbali

Wear this with saree (like the one below) or anarkali and you are ready to rock 🙂 Wear this if you have big ear lobe (lobule), and your ears would appear smaller

2. Famous combination  red & yellow with bling!

No wonder this is a hit, I have got more orders just for this color combo! Red suits everyone! Wear this with anarkali or saree, and I am sure it will add that the required charm. Wear this if your neck length is normal. This will make sure the attention goes to the ears.

3. Long pearl pink earring

The long pearl earring stud definitely is a head turner! Pearl & pink (magenta) is a beautiful combination. Wear this with anarkali and you’re ready to party! Wear this if you have a long neck!

4. Mustard magic

Not a fan of bling? Love the antique or mustard look? This one is right for you! Wear it with saree that has antique gold border or cream/off-white salwar and this would complete your look!

That’s it for this post. I hope you liked it 🙂 Please do let me know if comments which one did you like.Until next post, Bye!!


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