Patanjali Aloe vera gel review

Hey guys,

Back for a product review, this time, it’s Patanjali’s Aloe vera gel review. Before going for the project, lets see about Aloe vera. It’s called kathazhai in tamil, it’s a very short plant which has thick and short stem. The leaves are thick, contain gel like substance. My dad
used to say that he has seen a lot in his childhood days all over which people don’t consider it precious at all. Recently (like from 5 years back) aloe vera gel has become a hit in India  (of course, it has been in use for a long time – I don’t deny it). I have heard from my relative that it’s not considered auspicious to grow it at home. Some say, if you cut open a  piece and keep at a corner, it attracts mosquitoes. etc. These are the stories that I have heard.

So coming back to Aloe vera gel, I have used different kinds of aloe vera gel, but I feel Patanjali’s aloe vera gel is much better than other brands, of course, not better than pure aloe vera gel taken from plant. Let’s see below how can this be used.

Price:- Rs 40 for 60 ml


1) As Moisturizer (Read hydration)/Night Cream :-

I have read/heard that to moisturize your skin, you need to apply cream. Well, I have tried a lot of creams and i still end up being dry. I kept on changing the creams thinking a new one will work.  I still ended up being dry. I tried coconut oil and it worse, I had greasy arms & elbows, attracting more dirt!!!  It took me a long time to understand that when your skin is dry, it’s dehydrated. It needs to be hydrated. And creams are used to lock the hydrated skin, acting like a barrier between the skin and outside climate. So hydrate first, then moisturize. It may  seem confusing, but once when you start doing, you can understand.

In general, apply Aloe vera gel on your skin everyday, you should feel visible difference i the skin texture. Warning: It is not going to make your skin glow or brighten. It will hydrate your skin so you don’t feel dry & patchy. You can also use it along with Vitamin E oil at night to improve moisture and elasticity. Take one spoon of Patanjani Aloe vera gel and 1 Vitamin E Capsule (available in local pharmacy) and whisk them well till they form a creamy substance. Apply this paste on your face and wash it off in the morning. My skin has become soft and supple after using this for a week. 🙂

Please note that this has worked for my skin, It may or may not work based on your skin type. My skin is dry on elbows, knees, feet, palm. I have combination skin, oily (mild) on forehead and normal to dry all over my face.

2) As Primer:-

I use this as my primer everyday. It gives a clean finish on my skin. Take a pea amount and apply on your face and neck. Let it dry, it’s initially sticky, then dries clear. You can go ahead and apply your make up now


In Chennai, my city, it’s hot throughout the year. When traveling during mid day, its scorching hot. Of course, drinking water and applying sun screen is a must. You can even make toner out of aloe vera gel and use it on face as aloe vera has cooling properties. Take a clean cosmetic spray bottle. Add aloe vera gel and water in equal quantities and shake it well. Use it as toner to refresh your skin!

4)Reduces puffiness around eyes:-

Aloe vera gel has cooling properties and can be used around eyes to reduce puffiness. You can apply this gel around eyes using ring finger. Let it rest for a few min, you can close your eyes and relax.

5)Dark circle remedy:-

Unfortunately, this product does not reduce dark circle. So why bring in under this category? you ask. Getting dark circle can have various reasons. It can be due to lack of sleep, genetic, low maintenance of eyes, watching laptop/mobile like forever, not removing make up, not drinking enough water, lack of vitamin a/c. etc.
Aloe vera gel can help for one/two reasons to reduce dark circle. It cannot treat all problems. Let’s see how this can help reduce dark circle. The skin around eye is gentle, thin. If it is not moisturized, then it turns dark. If touched too much, it will loose it’s elasticity. Even if you don’t, your eyes get affected by watching TV, laptop screen, mobile phone etc. Mix Aloe vera gel with Vitamin E oil or Almond oil and form a creamy paste (like mentioned above). This will hydrate and moisturize your skin around eyes. When you moisturize+hydrate the skin around eyes, it reduces your dark circle but does not remove completely (if you have dark circle due to other reasons). You can also mix it with your eye cream and apply.

These are the ways I use Patanjali’s aloe vera gel. I know there are many remedies using this gel. I will start using them and let you know the review in another post. Please note, this gel suits me, My skin is combination, oily T-zone and dry on cheeks – I don’t have acne or pimples, but have hyper pigmentation around my mouth and skin around eye is dark as well. Some people are irritated by the fragrance of this product. I, on the other hand, like the smell of the product (I know, I am different!)

Please do let me know if you need me to review any product and comments on this post. Till next post, ciao!


2 thoughts on “Patanjali Aloe vera gel review

  1. I’m using this too. I really like it. It’s cool, soothing and doesn’t break me out. However I find that there is no change to my pimples when I apply this on them.

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