Dressing room ideas!

Hello everyone! How are you doing guys? Hope you are good.

Phew! Last week and this week can be summed up as tough one! Hectic schedule at office, working in shifts, being a mommy at home – it’s so exhausting! I wish I had my own space, designed by self, where there are colorful, bright things to cheer me up! Where I can play dress up (#ageisjustanumber :P) to De-stress me!!

After seeing so many pins (pinterest) on dressing room ideas, I would drool over each pic, imagining myself in that place. This post is all about how I want my dressing room to be šŸ™‚

I feel that when I have a good start, it becomes a good day. Start your day with a smile, and it will lead to a happy & cheerful day. All this is fine, until you notice that you have to search for what you want to wear for the day! When you have things in place, you don’t have to spend time looking, you just grab and move. I love a walk-in style closet, (I do not have space in my home for a walk-in closet, a closed wardrobe works fine with me). I like this one, it has space for a lot of dress and accessories and the floor length mirror! I love to have a full length mirror with lights around it or enough sunlight. (Image taken from internet)

Image result for dressing room ideas on a budget

This is one more pin that inspired me, Full length mirror with enough sunlight. I am drooling over the floor rug! (Image taken from internet)

Image result for dressing room ideas on a budget

Being in India, where population is in billions, one can only imagine the home space! Thankfully, I am blessed to live in a house which is not too small/cramped. In terms of less space, it’s ideal to have the furniture vertical, especially the lights. Ceiling lights (its way too far and installation is a pain) or floor lamps(cannot imagine this with a toddler at home!) have their own drawback. Pendant lamps are so handy in such case. I personally like this one (#loveforantiquebrass) Antique brass looks so elegant. šŸ™‚ You can check out some more pendant lights here.

A open desk for make up is every girl’s dream. With a toddler, I am forced to keep everything inside my wardrobe. I hope I can have such a place when my son grows up. šŸ™‚


So, these are some of my inspiration for my dressing room. What are yours? Please do let me know in comments.



4 thoughts on “Dressing room ideas!

  1. We have a back room where the laundry is, and I have a small space there for my things. Nothing fancy. My bigger concern for space is for my crafts. I would really love to create a little space to house my crafty things, and work space.
    Lovely closet inspiration here.
    Best Wishes! Alexandra

  2. In Chennai its impossible to keep anything in the open – be it cosmetics or clothes for the fear of dust. Until I sort that out I can only dream of a crafting space or an open dressing space for myself

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