Silk thread jhumka for sale! A new beginning

Hi friends, as mentioned in earlier post, I have started making silk thread jewellery (for sale), starting with jhumka. Taking pic of this DIY is difficult, videos are better for silk thread jewellery making and there are a lot of youtube videos for the tutorials. So I am just going to show you what have I made here.

The first earring is 2 – tier jhumka. The top one is of size 2, and bottom one is 3. Let’s talk about the color green, as far as I have seen, not many are fan of green color, and its often given less preference :(. However, green is one of my favorite color.  Studies have shown that green is restful & relaxing for the eyes as it’s related to nature. The color green for me is special as that was the saree I wore when my hubby & his family came to see me (ponnu paakardhu – Ours was an arranged marriage) There is a tradition here, for the husband’s family to see the girl “officially” and vice versa. This happens after the horoscope match is met and before engagement. I wore green saree for the occasion. In silk sarees (which is common in south india) the color green is absolutely beautiful, the color shines like no other color in silk material. I made silk thread jhumka and chose green color sequin, green rhinestone and gold bead chain – a hint of gold always enhances the beauty of the color. I pasted 6 green sequin on lower jhumka with gold bead chain and green rhinestone around it. Please note: this is a recent pic and not the one taken for the function.


The next earring is made in red color. We all love red, its a bold color, a head turning color, no wonder why it’s famous in fashion industry. In India, when you say the color red, the first thing we see is “kumkuma/sindoor” or kungumam(in my language – tamil) where the major ingredient is turmeric and color is being added to get the desired color. Married Hindu women wear it on their forehead at the center of hairline. I decided to make  a bright red color jhumka, with loreal pearl beads stitched on the lower end. It also has a rhinestone (round rhinestone) around the base of jhumka and gold bead on the top of jhumka. The stud was made with red quilling as base with pearl, gold bead chain & rhinestone on it. The stud base was glued on the back and a small loop with quilling was used to attach the stud with the jhumka. Here is the finished piece.


For the third one, I wanted to create in a gold base. however, the gold color I bought was less gold and more towards yellow. Creating this color as base looked plain, so I jazzed it up with pearl, rhinestone chain, gold bead chain and took a simple stud base and attached to the jhumka using jump rings.


Please do not use my pic as reference in any website, this is just added to show how it looks when you wear! Please let me know if you need a pic to post in your blog/website.





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