Valentine’s day heart earrings

Hi friends, back again with a DIY, this time – a heart for valentine’s day. Whatis valentine’s day without a heart symbol? But this time, I did not go for traditional pink & red hues, I tried it out with mint & white color as I like this color combination.

3 mm quilling paper strips
fabric glue or fevicol
jump rings, earring hooks
a lot of patience!!


Take 2 mint and 2 white strips. Paste a mint paper &  white. Make two of these. Paste the middle of these sheets in a cross pattern. It’s easier to see in the pics.

Now you have to make a box stitching. You can follow this link or watch youtube tutorials to make box stitch. I have shared my tutorial here. Start by taking a mint paper, and make a loop by taking the paper on the opposite side and place it on the left side. Take the  left side paper (here mint paper) and place it on the opposite side over the first loop and place it below the opposite side white paper. Take the bottom white paper and place it on the opposite side (and right to the first mint paper) over the left mint paper. Take the right side white paper and place it on the opposite over the bottom white paper, but insert inside the first loop created using mint paper. Also, place it and on to the right side of the 2nd mint paper. Now pull your paper gently to get a base box. If you have noticed, the first box was created by folding you paper in anti-clockwise direction (left to right). The next box stitch should be formed by following the clock-wise direction (right to left). Follow the same till you reach the end. Now paste the ends using glue and trim the ends.

One more example:

Make another one by following the above steps. In this pattern, you will see that one side of the box will have mint & white. I decided to have white inner heart and mint outer heart. Expand your box stitch by pulling them out slowly and little by little. I had a minor accident, it got torn when I pulled it strong. oops!!!. I had to make another one!

Take the ends with white inside and start shaping like half of heart. Now paste the lower ends with one another, by pushing the white side little inside. This is done to get half of heart  like half of “V”. For the top part, make a curve on both sides and paste them, this time, push the mint color to straighten the edge, this is done to get the heart shape meet each other. If this is not done, you will get a flat base and will look more like triangle than heart. I used my fingers to get the right heart shape. Let it dry, to maintain the shape, you can even keep something small like a nail to maintain the heart shape

Make another heart and attach the earring hooks using jump rings. Oh my, it’s difficult to make picture tutorial for quilling! Well, I hope you got the idea. If not, let me know in the comments section and I will be glad to help. This valentine’s day, show a little love for yourself 🙂


When I was browsing for Heart shaped crafts, I liked this DIY Heart ornamentyoutube tutorial below) where you can easily make using fingers.

For Crochet/Knitting/Ornaments supplies, you can have a look at FAVCRAFTS where there are tutorials also available, starting  from beginner level. Hop on to the blog for tutorials & craft supplies 🙂 The following links are especially for Crochet/knitting

My first jewellery challenge for this year, linking to Indian Quilling challenge

You can check my other heart/valentine’s day special here

DSC05294 - Copy      DSC04330


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