DIY Fiery red quilling earrings

Hi Friends,

Back with a DIY on quilling as mentioned in my earlier post. Today, I am sharing a tutorial on making fiery red quilling earrings.

Materials required:-
Quilling strips (red & dull pink)
Crimper tool
Fabric glue/Fevicol/ModPodge
Earring hooks
Quilling tool


Take a red strip and dull pink strip and pass it through crimper tool, you should get zig zag lines now.

As per your size, paste the required strips one followed by other. I used 5 of each in the order – P,P,R,P,R,P,R,P,R,R(P-dull pink, R-Red) Using a quilling tool, start rotating the quilling strips and paste the end, this is what you will see after rotating the strips – a huge circle (around diameter of 6-7cm.

Let it dry for a few minutes, now take your circle and press one side/place to make a tear drop shape – like a flame. Now add Modpodge on side of the earring to ensure the shape stays. Leave the other side plain. Attach earring hooks and you are ready to wear. If you want a smaller size, reduce the number of strips to 2-4 for each color, depending on the size you require. Here is the final earring, hope you liked this short tutorial :)Please drop in your comments and I will be glad to hear your comments.




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