Jan ’17 Review

Hi All,

Working in an IT company, the one thing I learned (still learning) is to plan before activity starts and review the progress and analyze the work after the work gets completed. I thought why don’t I apply the same for my blog. Hence, I am planning to start a new series – monthly review to check on my progress and how to improvise. Your suggestions are welcome


This year was a good start! 2017 – I have now clearer goals and better focus as I am learning how to balance my work, blog and personal life (of course, this involves hiring people to do a part of my work). To review Jan month, let us see the number of posts, types of posts, frequency of posting, blog traffic, likes, comments etc.

In Jan month, I changed the theme of my blog as I wanted a fresh start for this year ๐Ÿ™‚
The number of posts were 6. That’s a good count when compared with my previous year! out 6 – 2 were DIY, 2 were review (product, place) 1 was new year greetings, review of 2016 and last one was on new hobbies. That’s a good one too as there are more categories now. Regarding frequency, it was random, 3 posts were on continuous days and some were scattered. I should learn to schedule my post after planning the frequency of posting. I have already started this, lets see the progress of Feb in next month. Blog traffic, hmm this one is related to the previous one as theย  stats showed some count(40-80) on days when I blog but not other days. This is no magic, its directly related to how many number of posts I publish. I cannot expect more now, but can improve on how to increase blog traffic. Number of likes & comments – this again depends on the contents, there were 4 likes for Jan posts. I know its less, this depends on public. Analyzing this is going to take time. Let’s see how to incorporate this in my later posts. However, my FB page increased by close to 100+ likes in a week. ๐Ÿ™‚ Now, 1000+ people are following FB Page. The month ended with my post being featured inall jewellery making” website. I was happy to see my post being features in “All jewellery making”ย  website ๐Ÿ™‚

For Feb month, my ongoing projects: –ย  1 quilling earring will be posted soon. I am making 2 silk thread earrings. .A review & Valentines day special post are yet to be added. Let’s see how does Feb month go. Let me know if you like review of my blogging in comments section and I will be glad to read it. ๐Ÿ™‚



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