Product review: Dove vs Garnier Shampoo

Hi all,

As per my previous post, I will be adding new stuffs, well, reviews will be part of it 🙂

First of all, let me tell you about my hair. My hair is straight, super black, and not much voluminous (like every straight hair seen in Indian girls). I usually apply oil only if I am gonna wash my hair, other days, I don’t apply hair oil. (applying hair oil everyday is a common beauty step in India, atleast in south India). Now to the shampoo

I have been using DOVE Shampoo and Conditioner for a very long time (close to 8 years now) I am really happy with the product and after using their conditioner, I love my hair as it stays shiny, soft and i feel my hair heavy/thick (not like a brush or hay!!) for at least 3 days. The only problem I see is that my hair falls a lot after using their conditioner. 😦 A big problem – my hair is all over my home -:( !! My friend suggested me to not to apply conditioner directly on the scalp, but only on the hair. My hair fall reduced only by little, did not make much difference.

I read reviews about Garnier shampoo – Ultra blends Royal Jelly & Lavender (paraben free) and wanted to try it out. I have to tell you – the smell is so soothing – mainly due to lavender (lavender has calming properties) . The shampoo consistency is same as that of Dove, however, the conditioner is lighter than dove conditioner. It appears as if its whipped up, i squeezed the tube and a huge amount got squeezed on my palm. In Dove, this is not the case, it feels a little heavy close to that of shampoo. Anyway, back to Garnier, the conditioner is not as creamy as Dove, so you have to apply a lot, especially if you have long hair (just saying). In case of Dove, a smaller amount is enough. So, what happened after using Garnier

Day 1 – my hair felt silky, light and the mild fragrance of lavender is soothing
Day 2 – My hair felt less silky, a bit dry and light
Day 3 – What? What happened to my silky hair? what happened to the smoothness? My hair turned out dry, a little rough and not at all shiny (like Hay)

I thought may be I should try one more time (or twice) even before writing a review. I did use it 3 more times and I felt the same as above. Garnier seems to be paraben free. However, I am planning to switch back to Dove.

Anyway, I will be trying out Kesh kanti from Patanjali and will add reviews in my next review post. Hope you liked this review (I know it does not sound pro, but it’s a start :)) Let me know your comments.


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