DIY earrings for friends!

Hello DIY’ers!

My friend is crazy about the color blue and I wanted to gift her a blue earring. After brainstorming (read rummaging through my craft supplies) I made the following earring. Please excuse the photo clarity I had to take photos with my son next to me, (challenge accepted!) .

Supplies needed:
Resin rose (blue color)
Blue color beads
Craft wire (26g)
Earring hooks/stud
E6000 glue
Cord ends


Take 10 cm of your craft wire and insert 4 beads. Take the end of the other side of wire and insert on to the first bead. Now pull the wire to form a beaded flower/diamond

Take the remaining wire and twist (or use crimp bead) to ensure the bead does not move or come out. My rhinestone had 2 holes on each side so I slightly opened the wire (after the twisted part) and inserted my rhinestone

Now with the help of pliers, create a loop on one wire(with some gap between the rhinestone and loop) and wind the remaining, take the other wire and wind it on the first wire


Take your cord end and open the sides, now paste the cord end on the rose with the loop end below the rose

Attach the rose to the loop using a jump ring. Paste your earring stud and you are ready to wear it.

I love the look of blue with rhinestone. Wear it with a blue dress or a crisp white shirt and jean. 🙂 I hope you liked this earring.


I made 2 more using the same technique. You can see them below. I kept orange for myself (this has crimp bead instead of twisted wire). The yellow & pink earring is for my friend, it looks like a candy to me 😛 ! Hope you enjoyed this post, as always, I will be glad to hear your comments. 🙂 Till next post, ciao


Other resin rose DIY’s

img_1344      20160307_141441



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