DIY Pomegranate inspired Necklace

Let’s start with a DIY this year, (I know what you’re thinking, what else does this blog contain? I have got plans to include other stuffs in this blog.. soon… šŸ™‚ )

I am a fruit lover! I love fruits and can have them any time. Pink being my favorite color, this post is inspired by pomegranate fruit which has different shades of pink! šŸ™‚ (Image of pomegranate taken from internet)


Supplies needed:-
Beads and crystals in different shades of pink (different sizes too)
Nylon cord
Tissue ribbons in pink color
Headpins, crimp beads, necklace end closure

I started working on a pattern where I inserted same color beads and crystals on to the nylon wire ( I did not choose tiger tail as my beads and crystals were clear and I did not like the tiger tail peeping out).


Now take your other color bead and insert in your headpin along with small beads. Create a loop on top of the pin and insert them between crystal chain created in the above step

Add crimp beads to make sure the beads do not move. Attach necklace closure at the end. I also attached a tissue ribbon in baby pink color along the necklace closure to create a bow at the back.

I know that the steps are not much detailed, I guess I was so much involved in the making that I couldn’t take clear pics! šŸ™‚ This is how it turned out. Hope you liked it, Do drop in your comments and I will be glad to read it and reply to it.


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