DIY Jewellery making supplies: Series 1 – Earring base (sequin)

Hello friends,

Though there are many jewellery makers/crafters, every person’s work is unique ’cause its handmade! Even if you try to make jewellery from inspiration, there will be some change in what you make and make them unique! I want to dedicate this post to those, who think handmade jewellery/craft work is unique and made with love ❤

Materials required
Sequin – 6 mm in diameter
Ball chain/Pearl chain/Rhinestone chain – whatever chain you have! I am using pearl chain
Resin Rose Cabochon (You can even use rhinestone or pearls)
Earring Hooks/Jump rings
E6000 (a strong glue)


My love for rose cabochons never dies! 🙂
1. Sequins are usually thin, so
2. Glue 2-3 sequins together and let them dry. This will make a sturdy base!
3. Glue the rose in the center and the pearl chain outside the rose and trim. I wanted the golden base (sequin) to be shown, so I left some space between the rose and chain. You can also fill with rhinestone chain/ball chain. Wait for the glue to dry, as mentioned earlier, E6000 is so forgiving. You can adjust what you have glued as it takes a whole night to dry. But yeah, don’t keep on adjusting!
4.Attach you earring hooks and you are ready to wear!

Here is how mine turned out. I hope you enjoyed this short yet sweet tutorial. I made another pair for my friend at office. She liked it! 🙂

Yay Yay YAy, I have been features in “My Girlish Whims”

Featured on My Girlish Whims
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Do drop in your comments and I will be happy to hear from you.

Till next post, C ya


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