DIY Maroon & Gold Tassel earring

Hello my friends… I had taken a break from my blog work and tried to take care of my other roles (as a working mom), but the craft bug crawled and bit me & I’m back 😉

As a typical Indian, I am obsessed with Maroon & Gold combination. I am sure every Indian women has a maroon & gold combination saree, as that is a must color for wedding and it looks absolutely gorgeous no matter the women’s color, size, shape.

Inspired by these colors, I made an earring – a pretty easy one! Steps after materials

Materials required:-

Maroon color bead ( any size, I chose oval)
Gold color beads (spacer beads)
Gold color thread (I used cone thread, but I would personally recommend silk thread 🙂 )
Jump rings
Necklace End Cap
Headpins, eye pins
Earring hooks
Jewellery wire 24/26G (I chose 26G brass wire)


20160717_165242Take your eyepin (or make a loop by cutting the end of headpin using pliers). Insert your bead and create a loop on the other end as well


Take your Jewellery wire and start winding on the loop. Insert gold spacer beads on to the wire. Take your wire down and wind it on the opposite side loop as well. Insert beads again and close it by winding on the top loop in which you started first. This completes a round/oval – based on your choice of earring. Make a pair.


For Tassels, you can refer here. Attach a necklace end cap on the tassel loop using a strong glue.


Attach your tassel on the maroon color bead and attach ear hooks. You earring is done!


Here is your final piece – I am in love with the tassel and the color combination, What did you like in this? As usual, comment here and i will get back 🙂 Till then – Ciao!




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