My Space: first post

Hello ppl,

I have always been posting about crafts, Jewellery making, tips etc. I thought, why not post my thoughts, my learning. This would connect me to you folks like talking/chatting with you 🙂

You guys know I am Praveena. I have a wonderful family (by wonderful, i mean we fight & make up, we are supportive of each other) My husband whom I refer to as ‘R’ and my LO “Prathyush” (My laddooo 🙂 it’s a famous sweet in india :)) I work for a software firm and started working on my crafts from 2012 onward. I always knew I will end up in girly stuff’s (I am mad of accessories, I love wearing them). But as kids, we were asked to study well for good grades, for jobs (we were told this from our childhood days – study first, rest later) and here I am working as a software engineer (very common in India esp South). But the love for my craft making has always been nagging me, I wanted to know but I didn’t know how to make it happen. Then, I was open to internet, (while browsing for some jewellery) where some amazing blogs influenced me to start my crafty work. Long story short, here I am, with my blog being loved by me, my family & my friends.

I have complained a lot about my life, surrounding etc, even here in my blog. I just stopped back and looked at myself when I did. It was ugly… I grumbled about my nail plate being too small as I love nail arts… Any design that I would like to try would never fit.. I complained about being in a hot (very hot) place (Chennai is too hot) and no spring or autumn/fall… true, it’s annoying…I was irritated about the ratio of my body (my top is heavy and my legs are thin) I couldn’t wear dress of my choice. For years, I would grumble of not having body shape like my friends, I am different from my mom as well… I grumbled, complained and was irritated…

Wait, that’s not how I want myself to be. It didn’t make sense. Avoiding the complaint didn’t work out for me. I always needed a solution. When I stepped back from the situation and thought about it, I got solutions (not immediately, but yes, I got it) Like, my nail plate is small because it allows my to do my craft work in an easier way, long big nails would have hurt me. True, my place is hot, but this would speed up drying (let it be clothes, or my craft glue work etc), also, there is AC at home, with some lime juice or buttermilk, I can stay cool. My body is my identity, I can work dresses that suit my body shape. I always wanted to FIT IN, when in actual it is – STAND OUT. There is no harm in being different. In fact, I am being me. This made me feel a lot better & I now have confidence in me.

So to summarize,
1. Accept that the situation has occurred.
2. Look at the problem by stepping back from your position.
3. Think what can be done to solve it. Fix it. If there is no solution or if you can’t do anything, then there is no need to worry. Leave it to god.
4. Be optimistic, make the best of a bad situation.
5. There is no one to stop you, except yourself.
6. If you are different, don’t just stop with acceptance, show off and be merry 🙂

Do share/comment in about how you break your barriers… I would be happy to read them <Image taken from internet>


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