DIY air dry clay jewellery

Helloooo lovelies,

Its been months since I could visit my blog. My last post was in Oct. And now its Mar.

I have been very busy with an active kid and roaming around temples last year end. I joined back work this Jan and take my kid to child care center at my office, I know, you guys think I am lucky, but nope. Preparing and packing food, packing his diapers, clothes, formula, sterilized bottles etc etc, giving him bath, feeding him and coming to office is a huge task for me. 😦 with only help from my hubby, I am completely exhausted everyday.

However, I somehow tried to squeeze in sometime this month to make my jewellery, Crazy right?? Crafy for craft, looks like a good title… NO more boring you with other stuffs.. Lets move on to make jewellery.

Materials Needed:-

Air dry clay (I got this long back and had been sitting idle at home)

Nail polish

Mod podge/Nail polish top coat

cookie cutter in heart shape and round, I chose a medicine cup as a round cutter πŸ˜›

findings (jump rings, earring hooks, chain etc)

Β 20160126_151156

Take your air dry clay and leave it out for ten minutes if yours is very soft as mine. I couldn’t kneed well as it was sticking on to my fingers

Roll a ball shaped and flatten using a chapstick or a lipstick. I used a plastic sheet on top of the clay to avoid getting any prints on clay

Make two small disks by cutting the clay using the medicine cup πŸ˜‰


Cut them in halves and paint one half with gold and glitter. Let them dry and add 2 layers of mod podge

Attach them to earring hooks and your earring is ready πŸ™‚ Doesn’t it add a diva look? I will be going against my advice on how to use jump rings as my earring was fatty fat and I couldn’t use jump ring properly. So I pulled jump ring open (I know, but this was the only way to achieve 😦 ) and then close it using your pliers.


Take another ball, flatten in an oval shape (like a candy). Put one drop of two nail polish and swirl using a toothpick or a big safety pin to get marble effect

Keep adding more drops and swirl.Let them dry and add 2 layers of modpodge.. Doesn’t it look lovely?? I am getting reminded of alpenliebe candy ad where they mix in pink and white colors. Lol πŸ˜›


Attach it to your ring base and you are good to go!

Now for the valentine heart, cut the clay using heart cookie cutter and set it to dry. Punch hole on one side of the heart shape. Apply 2 layers of mod podge. I made a golden feather for which I will be posting another tutorial. Add jump rings on the heart and feather, attach to a chain. Wear them and let your heart flyyyy away… ❀ :-*

So which one turned out to be your fav ? Do mention in the comments section.

Till then, Ciao


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