DIY Make up Remover

Hello ppl,
Its been an amazing month with a lot of festivals occupying most of my time. Apart from tasting different dishes and tiring work, i find it annoying when I remove my make up, Love it when I put it on though!! πŸ˜› I tried some make up remover and they left me with irritating eyes, dry skin and thorough rubbing!! 😦

Then I tried removing make up using my baby’s no tear shampoo, I found success but the liquid was a little thick and delicate places like under the eyes were strained a lot. So, here is a DIY which I tried doing and it works like MAGIC without hurting your delicate face!!

On to the steps now
Materials required:-
Cotton pads (buy thick ones)
Baby shampoo (no tear formula)
Baby oil/coconut oil
Any glass jar
Acetone/rubbing alcohol

First thoroughly clean your glass jar using acetone/rubbing alcohol and air dry to remove any dirt.

Add 3 teaspoons of baby shampoo in the jar.
Add 2 teaspoons of baby oil in the jar. You can use coconut oil as well instead of baby oil, however, my eyes are not that comfortable with coconut oil, so I went for baby oil.

Add a cup of water and mix it well.

Add your cotton pods, few at a time. Make sure the cotton pads are soaked well in the mix.

Here is your homemade irritation free make up remover. I spray painted the lid with yellow color!

Time to test! Look at the before and after photos.
DSC05550 DSC05551

Lip gloss


It was really easy to wipe off the make up and now I am ready jazz up for another festival!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


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