DIY Flat Gem, Nail polish earring

Hey guys,
Do you love grapes? I like them, & this post is inspired by the colors of grapes.

I had bought one lot of flat gemstones in shining colors. I wanted to use them for making jewellery.
The only problem is, they are too shiny, so I thought, why not use nail polish on them to make a perfect wear?
Let’s go to the post!

Materials required
Flat gemstones (color, size – of your choice)
Nail polish
Mail polish topcoat
Flat sequins
jewellery finding (earring hook, flat headpins, jump ring)

Paint your flat gem in using your nail polish (3 coats with 15 min interval), if you are going for a neon color or pastel, add a white color and then paint your color.

After 3 coats, apply 2 coats of nail polish top coat with 15 min in between.
Add a drop of nail polish top coat and put on your flat sequins to bling on!

Attach your beads to a jump ring and add the earring hook using another jump ring

Here is your final earring 🙂 Hope u like it.

I made a bracelet as well! I chose pink for the bracelet! drop in your comments and i will be happy to read them.


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