Eyebrow threading

Back again with a SIMTIP after a long time!
We women always love to be neat and trim, especially eyebrows. Once your eyebrows are trimmed, your face looks pretty. Even though we are sensitive in the brows, we still do it to look good. We withstand the pain for at least some hours to a day. Well, No more!
It is possible to reduce the pain if you follow these steps.


1. Since the brows are sensitive, it is better to clean the brow with soap and water before threading/waxing. The soap makes the area a little less sensitive and thus less pain while threading/waxing. Though this sounds cool, it works at home if your plucking using tweezers. What about if you go to the salon/spa?I have a solution for it. Take a soap and get permission to use the washroom just before threading. Go inside and rub your brow portion with water and soap, clean and then come out. You will be screaming less if you were screaming more before!! πŸ˜›

2. The next question is, what happens when I rub my brows with soap, doesn’t it become dry? You know that at salon and spa, the girls apply a moisturizer, if they don’t, request them to do it or carry your own and apply on the sensitive place.

3. Further more, when you are back at home, try applying some ice cubes on your brows. It helps the redness, and reduce any irritation.

Hope this tip helps!! πŸ™‚

Please note:- I am not an expert or a doctor. This tip helped my friends and me. Hence, sharing this tip with you guys.
& The above image has been taken from internet.


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