DIY pom pom garland

Hi everyone,
Before starting this post, I would like you people to know why this is post is a bit late… Its due to the arrival of my “lo” 🙂 🙂
He arrived on April 15th! And we have named him Prathyush (which means rising sun). I had a normal delivery and hence recovering soon 🙂

Who doesn’t like pom pom?? I mean they are cute, and add so much cuteness as a decor!!
My son keeps on seeing the decor, he does not take his eyes off it!! Mama is so proud !! 🙂

I watched a tutorial where you can make pom pom’s using just with your fingers! This tutorial is going to explain how to make pom pom garland.

A pair of scissors
and 3 fingers 😛

First, take your yarn and start winding around your three fingers

Count and wind till 100 rounds

Snip off the the remaining and tie a knot. It should look like a bow. Now, a small change, make sure you have 2 strands after tying the know as shown below! We will be tying this to a thread for the garland

Here we are – pom pom maker. Snip off the edges.

Start trimming, and keep rotating it like a ball to get loose ends and cut them. Trim them so that they appear like a pom pom.

Your pom pom is ready. I love how fluffy it is! I made in red and pink!

Take your yarn and mark spots to tie the pom pom’s on it. Here is your pom pom garland!

I paired it along with my floral monogram! I just keep admiring it 🙂 and so does my son! ❤


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