DIY Peach therapy bracelet!

Hi Folks,
Doesn’t peach color look so therapeutic ?? I am in love with this color ❀ ❀
I made a bracelet using white crochet doily for one of my colleague as wedding gift.
My friend liked it and wanted me to make something like that for her. I thought I had already made one in white,
why to make another in the same color? So I made a bracelet using peach color lace!

Materials required:-
Lace of your color choice (Crochet one looks even more pretty)
Beads of your choice
Ribbon clamps
Clasp (I used Lobster clasp)
Charm of your choice
Jump rings

Start by measuring out the lace and apply glue to places where you are going to cut. This will prevent from fraying of lace. Here is the cut portion.

Add your beads to headpins. I chose pink crystals and white pearls. Ooh!! they add so much elegance to the peach color lace.


Bend the (around 8mm) headpin at 90 degrees. Form a loop using round nose pliers.


Slightly open the loop and insert onto the lace. I chose bottom portion where it rests on the wrist so that the beads are dangling from bracelet and resting on the wrist/palm. You can sew the dangling portion so that it stays on the bracelet in same place and also rests on your wrist/palm.


Add your ribbon clamps, attach using E6000 glue so that it sticks well with the bracelet.

Add a charm to it, I added using some chain so that charm dangles from your wrist! It looks very pretty!

Here is the final look of the bracelet … πŸ™‚
Do let me know if you made one and share your comments about this DIY.


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