DIY Floral Monogram

Hello DIY’ers,
As mentioned in fb, I am gonna soon host a giveaway. Stay tuned to know about it soon!! 🙂 ❤
For a very long time, I have been fascinated by floral monogram. They add so much beauty to home/wall as a decor.
Finally I made one! 🙂 Steps are given below. I chose Mr.R and my initials (P & R)

Materials required:-
I bought these MDF alphabet from itsy bitsy. This is an amazing site for all your craft supplies.
Artificial flowers
Glue gun (Such an important tool for craft work)

Separate the flowers from stem. Cut the stems as close as possible. Now take your glue gun and start pasting your flowers.












I-pasted the bigger flowers first, then placed the smaller flowers in the gaps. This is how it looks like now.


Do the same for the other letter.


Since I am in a rented house, I can’t have nails on my walls 😦 So I chose washi tapes to support my monogram. The best thing about washi tapes, is that you can use it like a normal tape and it will not damage your walls while peeling off ! Isn’t that a great factor for those living in rented house?
So here is the final pic on my wall – I know the edges aren’t good, as washi tapes are visible outside the letters, but it still looks pretty!


This DIY took me only less than an hour (including rests in between). Hope you liked this post!!!
Do share if you made one on your wall. 🙂
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