Valentine’s day Special!!

Happy Valentine’s day to all my followers 🙂
Getting busy for V’day?? Forgot to buy gift? Or would you like to make your own? Then this post is for you…
I wanted to try my hands on “Hand Lettering” So I was searching for a good lyric!
I found one which I loved it. “You are the glitter in the darkness of my world”
I changed the darkness to Black and White and I thought this line would suit my Mr R (My hubby!!)

So lets make a gift for your valentine!

Materials required:-
Canvas (size of your choice, I Chose 30 cm x 25 cm)
Scotch tape
Black Acrylic paint (or any color of your choice)
Mod Podge (or any glue like fevicol)

Since I am going to bring in stripes, I divided the canvas length wise into 10 slices)
Make your markings on both sides using a scale

Tape your edges and start painting so that you get clean edges.

Cut a heart shape out of paper and trace it on your canvas. I chose a spot in the left top, leaving enough space for the lyrics!

Fill in a thin layer of modpodge and pour your glitter over the modpodge area.

It looks pretty already!! Now start Hand lettering your lyrics. I chose “You are the glitter in the Black & White of My World”
I did not write glitter, instead I used the glitter heart to depict the word 🙂
This is your final piece.. Mr R felt very happy when he saw my gift! He loved it!!
DSC05294 - Copy

Do let me know, what did you make for your valentine?
Till then, ciao!


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