Organize using shoe box

Hey ppl,

Its time for another DIY. I was going through my craft stuff and my god, believe me, my craft supplies were badly organized.
While going through Pinterest, I saw many pins on making storage box out of shoe box. The first think came to my mind is to organize the ribbons and threads as they were always getting messy. Do you think they deserve to be stored pretty and better ?? πŸ™‚ Then go through this post!! Here follows the steps.

Materials required:-
Shoe box (clean it using tissue and cloth)
Eyelets, puncher and setter (itsybitsy )
Craft paper (I chose handmade paper)
Modpodge (or any paper glue and sealant)
brush, washi tapes
Your craft supplies to be stored.

Place your supplies and mark the spots

Clean the outside of shoe box and apply modpodge.

Start pasting colorful papers on to the box. You can measure and cut and paste or paste then trim. The first way is much clean though!! I was so enthusiastic that i pasted and then trimmed the paper. But hey. it wasn’t too bad. πŸ™‚

I even applied modpodge over the paper after it dried to make sure the paper will not get tampered or torn.
Now punch hole (on the marked spot) and position your eyelet. Finally, close the other side using setter. I punched holes on both the sides so that I could store more!! πŸ™‚


Now place your thread spool or ribbon and check if it goes through freely.

Since i had uneven edges, I covered them using purple washi tape and it just changed the way of the box how it looked. I fell in love with the colors!!

This is your final storage box made out of shoe box!! I am in love with the box! my craft supplies deserve such a makeover storage box πŸ™‚ Don’t you think so? How do you organize your supplies? Do share your techniques… πŸ™‚


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