DIY : Leather and pink bracelet

DIY Pink stone and leather bracelet.
I got some (faux)leather cords sometime back and did not use them for a while.
While browsing for inspiration, I found a beautiful bracelet made out of pink stones and leather strip.
This DIY will talk about how to make a bracelet within 30 min

Materials required:-
Pink stones (or beads of your choice)
leather cord(faux)
gold wire (28gauge)
cord end
Lobster clasp
Glue (not in picture)

Take the wire and make a loop using round nose pliers and wind the remaining wire to lock the loop.
Add your stones (or you can even use beads).

Now lock the other side the same way

Take your leather cord and insert it into one side of the loop. I wanted some volume in the cord, so I doubled the cord and glued the ends onto a cord end

Add your Lobster clasp and your bracelet is done πŸ™‚

How did u like this easy bracelet DIY? Hope you liked them. Do drop in your comments πŸ™‚


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