DIY beautiful Rhinestone and tassel necklace

Hello DIY’ers,
Today’s post is about how to make a beautiful necklace using rhinestone and tassel

Materials required:
Rhinestone cup chain
Cone thread (color of your choice – I first chose waxed thread in blue color. But the tassels didn’t turn out well, so I chose party violet cone thread)
1mm necklace end cup
jump rings
Lobster clasp
chain (curb chains work the best)
Golden thread (not pictured)
Strong glue E6000 (not pictured)
Pliers (not pictured)

First take your necklace end and add some glue to it and attach one end of the rhinestone cup chain on to the end.

Do the same for other end.

Now make tassels like how I made in this post. I used golden thread to knot the tassel.

Attach them to the rhinestone chain using jump rings. I made 5 tassels (4 small and one big in the center). Attach your chain using jump rings and add the lobster clasp.
Here is you beautiful rhinestone and tassel necklace. Hope you enjoyed it. If you make them, please send me a post. I will add in the blog. 🙂

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