Ric Rac Ribbon rose

Hello everyone… I am going crazy over rose πŸ™‚
Some of my friends asked where to buy resin rose
As I have already said, finding such things is difficult in my place. I order online, and well, it takes at least 20-30 days to reach me.
This post is for those, who would like to make a rose and use for earring, rings, bracelet etc…

Materials required:
Ric Rac ribbon (80 cm)
Bead cap
earring hooks
E6000 (not pictured)
Round nose pliers (not pictured)
Needle and thread (not pictured)

Cut your ribbon in half. Take one half and fold it into half.

Alternate the waves on to each other, just rotate each half on to the other, in an alternate fashion.


This is how it should look like now.

To avoid fraying of the ends, seal them using torch (fire). PS> Use the blue flame to seal the ends, there would be no smoke and the ends will be sealed neatly.

Now, keep your needle and thread ready. (I chose a matching color)

Start rotating from the middle towards end. Just stitch for every once in a while to make sure the flower stays in place. (you can use fabric glue if you are allergic to sewing.


In the end, push the last piece on the back of rose. This will be your back. Here is your finished rose. I made 2.

Now, use your bead cap as filigree

Take a filigree and glue your rose back to the filigree.
The remaining steps are same. Take a headpin, and add your pearl. Now bend the wire at 90 degrees. Cut extra and turn into a loop using round nose pliers.




Using the same technique, add your earring hook.

Your ric rac ribbon rose earring is ready πŸ™‚
Do let me know if you enjoyed and tried it out. Share your pics please.

Added my post in “My girlish whims” blog


<center><a href=”http://www.mygirlishwhims.blogspot.com/”><img border=”0″ src=”http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y77/Becca187/featurededited.jpg”/></a></center&gt;


14 thoughts on “Ric Rac Ribbon rose

  1. I love this! The best roses I’ve ever seen. How do you fan the rose out? Mine look like fabulous rosebuds, but I can’t get them to look as nice as a full rose.

  2. This is not very descriptive. It does not tell you how to Open it and make it Look like a rose. It jumps in description from winding to Open flower. And I can not get it to Open like the Picture??

    1. Hi, I take photos of my work and it is at times difficult to bring in detailed steps… I just used my fingers to open them up, just press the outer layer and it stays for almost a day. I open it when it closes again… Hope you got it… πŸ™‚

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