DIY Lace Bracelet

Hello DIY’ers, today’s blog will feature how to make bracelet with lace.

Materials required
Faux semi pearls for embellishment, you can use rhinestones, crystals etc
String glue like E6000
Velcro, or any clasp/button for closure
Modpodge (you can even use fevicol or any PVA based glue)


Layer your lace and decide which portion would you like to use. I chose the flower pattern

Now cut off the flower neatly using scissors

Glue your pearls using E6000

It should look like this now. Apply Modpodge and allow it to dry. I applied it twice with a 15-min interval.
Like I said, you can use any PVA based glue, but add a little water with your glue and then apply it on your lace.
I chose modpodge because its 2-in-1 glue with sealant.


Now take your Velcro and cut in oval shape

Paste your Velcro and your bracelet is ready 🙂
Let me know if your tried, or chose a different embellishment.


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