Hot pink earring

HI DIYer’s… back again with an interesting post on earring.
Well, my inspiration was from Dolce and Gabbana Coin earring but i wanted it to be of different colors…
So here goes my DIY

Materials required:-
Memory wire (Bracelet size)
stone crystal (transparent)
26 gauge wire
nail polish (color of your choice)
top coat (not showed)
earring post and back (not showed)
jump rings (not showed)
I am sorry I couldn’t take snaps of all the materials required, but hey, they are easy to identify without pics 🙂

First take your wire and cut to the required size of the loop. I wanted it to be smaller, so I didn’t cut an entire circle. I just cut 3/4th of the circle.

Now bend an 8mm size of wire at 90 degree.

It is now easy to make a loophole using your round nose pliers

Open a jump ring and add a charm and attach to one of the loop.

This is how it should look like now

Now take your stone crystals and paint them with your nail polish on one side. I chose hot pink color. Let them dry

Apply a coat of top coat to seal the paint. Attach the stone crystals to the memory wire using 26 gauge wire.
Add your earring posts (you can even use earring hooks). And tada – here is your beautiful earring.

Wear it and flaunt it 🙂
Hope you liked this post.


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