DIY Tassel (Earring)

Hello DIY’ers,
Tassels tassels everywhere. Its such a beautiful accessory. It can be worn as earring, or hanged from a belt or bag etc..the options are endless!
Today. we will see how to make tassel, plus, its customizable. So you can never go wrong with it 🙂

Cone thread (or better, silk thread)
earring hooks
a strong glue (E6000)
end cap

Take your thread and wrap around your fingers (I had wrapped around 10 times, but I later found out that the more you wrap, the fuller the tassel turns out – you can see that one in the neon green color).

Add some glue in your end cap and insert one end of your wrapped thread inside the cap.
Let it dry (at least a night)


Now cut the thread on another side to remove the loops and trim them
Add earring hooks to the end caps. You tassel earring is ready.

But wait, that’s just a simple one, I wanted more gold in it. So I wrapped golden wire in the tassel and here is your finished piece 🙂


I made another with neon green and I loved the way how it turned out. I am going to use them on my handbag or as my key chain… As said, the options are endless..


So how was the DIY?? Hope you liked them..


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