Multi color necklace

Back again with a new DIY post. I was waiting for an online purchase to get necklace end caps, however, the online shop said that he is out stock 😦 So this post (as a bonus) will show you how to make necklace end cap
Can you guess the material used for this necklace???

Materials required:-
Memoris-Precious Eraser (Can you believe erasers come like this???)
Wire 20 Gauge
Lobster clasp
jump rings

I got this multicolored eraser under stationary section in Big Bazar.
If you have a necklace end cap, simple add some glue inside the cap and slip in your eraser end.
For those who don’t have a necklace end cap, like me, follow these steps.

Cut 12-13 cm or 5 inches of the wire (the more the better, so you can cut off the remaining later)
Bend the wire in L or 7, the measurement being the size of the height of the end cap.

Start winding the wires till the end.


Form a loop at the top using round nose pliers and cut the remaining wire.


Now, for the end cap to stay in its place, add E6000 on top of the wires. Apply them generously. Let them dry for a day.
After it is completely dry, open the jump ring side ways, jump rings must be always opened in side ways and should not pulled apart straight. Add your lobster clasp and attach the jump ring to the necklace end cap loop.

Add jump ring on another end. Here is your multicolored necklace 🙂 and shhh – its made out of eraser 🙂


Bonus tip, it doubles as a bracelet as well 🙂


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