Zipper Bracelet

Hey guys, today’s post will be on a simple bracelet using zipper 🙂
I bought some funky colored zippers long time back, to make purse. However, I am still yet to start sewing.
So I thought, why not bracelets???

Materials required:-
Zipper in your fav color
lobster clasp
jump rings
studs for decoration

Measure your zipper along wrist and cut it.
I could not find ribbon clasp in my place (well, I generally don’t find much findings here in Chennai/India, so I have to order international supplies and takes more time than expected). So I stitched the ends using fishing wire.

I then added jump rings on both ends and Lobster clasp on one end.


Now is the time for creativity. Use your imagination and add any decoration item like spikes, studs, rhinestones, crystals etc
Take your glue gun or E6000 and paste them on the sides of the teeth.

Time to wear it and flaunt it…


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