wear your heart on your wrist!

Hey guys, I know its been a long time since I posted any DIY. Its been a hectic week at office… i finally got some time this week for my blog..
Toady’s post will be on a bracelet with simple steps..

Materials required :-
Curb chain
Hearts trim
Your choice of embroidery floss
Any card (not pictured here)
Nail polish top coat (not pictured here)
Jump ring

Start by laying the heart trim next to the curb chain. Decide where would you like to keep it.


Now take embroidery floss and cut 2 meters (may not require 2 m, the extra can always be trimmed)
Tie a knot on an end on both the curb chain and the heart trim and cut a tape and attach to one end of the thread for easy flossing.


Now thread the floss connecting heart trim and the curb chain.


At the end, tie a knot and trim the remaining thread.

Add 2 drops of nail polish sealant.

A closer look.

I added a tassel to my bracelet. For the tassel, Take some embroidery floss and wrap it on the card few times.

Take out the wrapped thread and knot on one end leaving a small gap using a single thread. Seal with nail polish sealant.

Cut the wrapped threads on one side and make sure they are even. Your tassel is now ready.

Attach the tassel to one end of your bracelet using a jump ring.

Here is your heart bracelet, ready !! šŸ™‚


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