DIY Lace choker necklace

Lace has been in use for a very long time for the elegance and femininity it adds up.
Today’s post will feature on a simple Lace choker necklace.
This post has been inspired by

Lace trim (It has to be atleast 2 inch in breadth)
A rhinestone brooch
Satin ribbon (preferably in the same color as the lace, or a matching one)
Craft glue
Needle and thread

Measure where your choker necklace should sit around your neck just int he front and little on the sides, mark it and cut. I chose to cut off the top of the trim. This is optional if you feel the lace trim is pretty by default.

This step is optional again, I mixed equal portion of glue and water and applied it to the trim.
When its dry, just take your brooch and pin it in the center of the trim.

Now hand sew the ribbon on both the sides. You can cut your ribbon in the middle, I chose to not cut it, I just simply tied it as a bow.

It looks very elegant and goes well with T shirt and jean or dress.
Have fun!


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