Simtip 1

Your EYES are the windows to your soul…They are worth to be taken care of.
I got a pack of green tea (excited to reduce weight) but didn’t like the taste of this particular brand.
Hence, I thought why can’t I use it to treat my eyes with it??
So here goes…
Green tea not only helps in reducing body fat, good for heart, controlling cholesterol, it helps to reduce dark circles and eye puffiness. Caffeine helps in reducing the puffiness and helps in reducing dark circles as well..

Boil water and add the hot water to a cup with green tea leaves. Let it cool, drain it and stock it up in you refrigerator. Its not possible (for people like me :D) to daily prepare green tea, cool it and use it. Hence I stock it up and use it daily.

Take cotton pads and pour green tea on it and keep it on your eyes for 10 min. Thats it… The work of green tea starts now….After 10 min, you will look and feel fresh 🙂

Hope you found this SIMTIP useful 🙂


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